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Are You a Local Business Looking To Increase Sales?

You Have Landed In The Right Place!

How do we help businesses increase sales?


We are OrbitWeb, an employee-owned Google Partner Company in North York Ontario, Canada. Our Digital Marketing Agency generates hundreds of qualified leads and help businesses increase sales through PPC Management Services. Services include Google Search Ads, Maps, Youtube Ads, Banner Ads, Remarketing, Local SEO Services & Website Optimization, this is all you need in your business


What we offer


OrbitWeb Inc. 5 Star Rated

Increase sales with a digital marketing strategy

We are dedicated to helping our clients find marketing solutions that are designed just for them. We develop custom strategies for each unique situation. Whether you need to enhance your image on social media, perform an SEO check-up or even a website complete revamp, we’re here.


Reach the top positions on search engines! The best way to increase your ROI through a Pay-per-Click campaign, we will setup specific tracking codes on the backend of your website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website ranking & online visibility in a web search engine’s unpaid (organic) results.


Creating your social media marketing strategy doesn’t have to be stressful, what you need is a helping hand, a good designer and planning, we’ve got you covered.


Our Development Team builds top quality enterprise level websites. Every site we deliver is functionally Sound, mobile-friendly and search engine optimized.

Our Priority

We focus on your growth


Team work

Our Team of experts will work with you to create a website that you are proud of and create a custom campaign to attract qualified traffic to convert into paying customers.


We follow web design trends, techniques, and tools that currently define websites, then we add our twist, Because what’s innovation if not a break from the normative?

Data Driven

While an interface or a copy may appear just right, does it produce the results you’re looking for? This is where a data-driven decision-making approach comes into play.


Service Level Agreement

We protect our customers at a level that surpasses any other agency. Our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to all clients, we also offer expanded SLA for clients requiring faster response times and priority. 

Consulting & Training

If you’re still not sure about how to invest in revamping your website or implementing a marketing strategy, you could benefit from a complete analysis, so that you know exactly what to do, and why.


Our monthly flat-rate pricing makes your plan choice easy to understand. There are NO Hidden Fees!  We take it month by month and we start and stop your campaigns on command.



We’ll help you to gain an edge on the competition. With an effective website your clients will click!


An effective website or landing page will drive the reader’s attention to your calls to

action and give them the information they need to make the decision to act.

Data Driven Marketing

Google Ads Campaigns


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