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Social Media Marketing

No, we are not another Jack Of All Trades Agency, and no, we do not run Facebook ads, or create Facebook posts, manage Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, or LinkedIn. OrbitWeb is a Google Partner Company, specialized in Google Technologies. Google’s extensive network accounts for 97% of all internet traffic, we’ve learn to harness this power by leveraging the different marketing channels available from Google, and Google’s Social Media Network is YouTube.

YouTube’s core functionality more than simply presenting videos to watch is to allow for social interactions. YouTube is the most perfect Social Video Platform because it reaches so many people, and not only Youtube is the biggest Social Media Network, it is also the second biggest search engine in the world.

Grow Your Business

How does SMM help you?

Increase brand awareness

Through YouTube Ads, your business will get noticed by a huge amount of people that may become in your new big clients.

Low Investment

YouTube ads are one of the most affordable services among the variety of tools in the digital marketing world. Also, they are very effective to meet your goals and objectives.

Higher quality of Traffic

Digging through your social channels is nearly impossible without monitoring or listening to specific keywords, phrases or hashtags. Through more efficient social media targeting, you reach your core audience much faster.

Generate engagement

The point of being in social media is to be social. Through YouTube, you can be able to answer all doubts that your prospects may have. Getting to this point takes time and effort with creating a positive brand persona on social.

Start Here

SEM To-do list

Market Research

Structure your campaigns

Research your keywords

Use optimized landing pages

Track calls and conversions

Create your Ads

Carefully manage your bids

Manage negative keywords

Analyze reports on campaigns

Split test and optimize