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What if you could get more sales every time you’re having a slow day?

Never have a slow day again! Reach out to your best customers at once by simply sending out a text from your phone. 

(SMS) Text message marketing is a simple, and powerful way to reach past customers. SMS has an incredible 80% opening rate. More than every other form of advertising combined!

SMS marketing works great with existing customers but you still have to grow your customer base, that’s where all other forms of advertising come into the picture.  Here’s what I’ve learned from my research:


  1. Generate new customers.
  2. Get existing customers to buy from you more often.
  3. Get existing customers to buy more at each visit.

What does this mean?

In other words, you need to; build a list of your best customers, market to them on your own terms, remind them to come back more often, and provide them with incentives to buy more from you each time they come back.

How do we reach your best customers and drive business on demand?

We’ve been doing some really effective marketing for brick-and-mortar businesses using very successful local marketing techniques. But most strategies need time and nurturing before they can make you a profit, that’s why we decided to explore other ways to diversify our marketing efforts, then we stumbled upon SMS marketing, and right away I remembered seeing this on TV being used by big restaurant chains.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this form of marketing is extremely affordable! The only problem was that to make it work you need to write code. It was clear to me why the big guys are able to have this cool stuff, but the smaller, local restaurants don’t. So, we wrote our own software to make it work. With our software, we’re able to get permission from customers to promote directly to their cell phones.


We’ll be glad to take your call and answer any question regarding our SMS Marketing Service for Restaurants

This is a super affordable service designed to help local restaurants compete with the big guys during these difficult times, we always buy and support from local restaurants, and now we’ve found a way to support you even further!

With this service, your restaurant can easily multiply sales, and it gets better and more powerful as your list of subscribers grows.


How SMS Marketing for Restaurants work? Super easy, just follow these steps:


Step 1

First you’ll offer a small discount or a freebie to convince users to text a phrase to a phone number

Step 2

That person will text the number and get an immediate text back with a code to claim the deal in person, or via phone

Step 3

That person is automatically added to your marketing list

Step 4

Anytime you want to generate more business, you simply send out a text from your own cell phone with a special offer. It will be delivered to everyone in your list.

And that’s it!


Build a customer list

Repeat business is the best kind of business when you collect customer information and build your customer list, you’re creating a powerful way to communicate directly with your customers, and if your offers are good, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Increase customer loyalty

This will be the results of consistently delivering a positive experience to your customers, satisfaction and perceived value of an experience is rewarded with repeat business and business referrals, your best customers will not only buy more from you, but the will happily recommend your business to others.  

Generates sales fast

Never have a slow day at your restaurant again, also, you can take advantage of special events and holidays, just crafty your promotion and let everyone know what’s available, this method works better than Radio and TV and costs only a fraction than most types of advertising campaigns.

Powerful & Affordable

This form of direct marketing to your best customers get more and more powerful as your list grows, and it is more affordable than most forms of traditional media advertising such as TV and Radio, and most forms of digital Marketing, because it doesn’t require an additional budget.

What kind of offers works with Text Marketing?


Here are some examples of proven “Offer Types” to build a big Text Message Broadcast list fast. 

  1. Get 20% off your next order by texting PHRASE to PHONE #
  2. Join our Weekend Entertainment Notifications List by texting PHRASE to PHONE #
  3. Complete your Perfect Meal: Get a Free Dessert by texting PHRASE to PHONE #
  4. Get our Private “Flash Special Deal Notifications” by texting PHRASE to PHONE #
  5. Free Burger Contest Club: Enter to win each week by texting PHRASE to PHONE #

What does an SMS Broadcast look like?


Here’s a list of a few SMS Broadcasts that generate business fast

Scarcity Based

We just started cooking 25 of our special “duck fat burgers”. Call us now at (555) 555-5555 to order before we run out.

Discount Based

We just opened up our Tuesday 10% off deal. Call us now at (555) 555-5555 and use code “Jan20” to claim 10% off your order.

Event Based

This Friday Night: “Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat” are playing live at 9PM. Call us now at (555) 555-5555 and reserve your table.

“Bait to Bigger Sale” Based

We’re offering a free dessert with the next 20 dinner orders. Call us now at (555) 555-5555 to claim your free dessert with your meal.

What’s the best way to advertise your restaurant promotions? 

This is where all other forms of advertising come into place. You can, and should advertise your promotions via traditional (off-line) means, for example:

  1. You can print tabletop cards.
  2. You can send out a flyer with an order

You can of course also leverage the power of Digital Ads and Social Media:

  1. Popup on your website
  2. Google My Business Post
  3. Google Display Ads
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Instagram

SMS Marketing will change your business forever

At this point you must be wondering, how much does this simple and powerful text marketing system costs, my goal from the beginning of this endeavour has been to deliver an AFFORDABLE and powerful solution that helps you grow fast so you can invest in our other digital marketing services, such as fixing your website (if required) running your Ads, do your Local SEO, etc. However, you’re not obligated to do so, if you’re happy with the results and you only want to do SMS Marketing, that’s ok with me.

 This Text Marketing solution is available to you as a monthly subscription of only $226 + HST per month. I guarantee you, this is the best investment you’ve ever made since running your restaurant, as it can easily multiply your sales every month.

Canada’s SMS Marketing Laws: Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)


Our SMS Marketing is a 100% opt-in service. Any message sent from our software is appended with the required “reply STOP to opt-out.”

We do not provide lists of phone numbers, nor do we share our users contact lists EVER.

We also include a link for users to provide them necessary contact data as required by CASL.  

Here 👉 https://orbitweb.ca/consent/