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Dominate Your Farm Area.


Farming Area Codes in the Digital Space

Farming is one of the most effective techniques in Real Estate, and successful Real Estate Agents know that. 

In case you need a reminder,  Real Estate Farming means you are focusing your marketing efforts on a specific geographic area or certain types of clients (demographic farming) with the intent of positioning yourself as an expert in that area or demographic.

By tapping on to the hidden power of the business platforms provided by Google and Facebook we can hyper-target your ads to your Real Estate Farm. That’s why we call it Real Estate Digital Farming.



Example. Targeting Postal Codes on Facebook


Real Estate Digital Farming

Target your farm on Facebook and Google Search.

Define your farm demographics and geographics, setup and run branding and search campaigns on Social Media and Search Engines and start creating a professional Online Presence, every homeowner in your farm should know very well who you are and what you offer.


Is your website working?

People who have you in mind will most certainly visit your website, make sure your site looks great, and that it tells your audience how you can help them, your website must display MLS listings, and you need to collect visitor data and track conversions with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels. Ah, and don’t forget to perform a Local SEO Optimization.


Follow your prospects with ads

Run retargeting campaigns to your website visitors and Facebook fans, this is far more cost-effective than billboards, bus shelters and newsletters, but do not stop doing that if you’re already doing it, a Digital Marketing strategy reinforces your current efforts, it’s not meant to replace them.

Run lead generation campaigns

Create, run and optimize higher intent campaigns to find leads and plug them into your sales pipe, nurture leads with an automated messenger chatbot whose available 24/7 on your webpage and Facebook profile. Make sure to make it is as easy as possible to talk to you when someone is ready to make their biggest and most stressful decision of their life!


Real Estate Digital Farming

Increase your Marketing ROI

Save effort and time

Dominate a Geographic Area

Generate trust and be remembered

Brand yourself as the neighborhood expert

One step ahead of your competitors

Get more leads

Focus your marketing budget

Get more people to come to Open Houses

You don’t have to compete with Zillow


Billing & Terms


No Long Term Contract

No annual contracts or long term commitments, that’s how confident we are that you’ll be happy with the results we will deliver.

Monthly Billing

We bill you monthly so that you can easily budget your advertising.

Creative Team

Our creative team will handle all the creative work including purchasing any stock imagery needed so that you don’t get in trouble with copyright issues.

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