Java Software Development

Transform Ideas into Applications

Our team of consultants has considerable experience in Java (J2EE, J2ME) software development and extend our Java web & software development services to enable significant growth for your businesses. We leverage the capabilities of modular approach of J2EE platform to develop client-centric software solutions. 

With Java we create native and cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile devices, as well as cloud apps. Additional Java-powered software solutions include modernization, legacy migration, re-engineering, and Cloud Deployments.

Java Web Application Development

Custom development of native and cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile devices, as well as cloud hosted apps.

Tomcat Web Application Hosting

Tomcat-based Java hosting for Java code, combined with the power and convenience of the Cloud to provide complete control, easy management and full redundancy.

Java Android Development

Built to your specifications, launch your app to store within three months. We program robust applications for mobile Android devices.

Global Availability

Internet applications require the scale and resilience of global network infrastructure to combat spikes in traffic and unplanned downtime or outages.

Our Infrastructure Architecture services offer performance, availability and reliability and incorporate security to stop new and sophisticated attacks while ensuring fast onboarding and easy-to-configure functionalities that prevent downtime introduced by maintenance, outages, and misconfigurations.

Unlock Innovation

As we move over to the AWS platform and welcome a limitless computing power, that enables a business to reach another level — it moves from conceptual ideas to endless, achievable opportunities. Our solutions enable businesses to reach another level.

  • Innovate with web & mobile apps to capture new opportunities.
  • Extend legacy systems, integrate/build a service layer for your enterprise
  • Consume & expose SOAP and REST-based web services
  • Streamline processes and automate repetitive workflows
  • We handle the technical details for the development
  • We handle the scalable hosting configurations
  • We handle the security of your App

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